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Editing your world


About us

Sarah Miller and Partners is a new kind of creative and strategic brand consultancy which takes an editorial approach. It was formed in September 2012 by Sarah Miller, the founding editor of Conde Nast Traveller magazine and an award-winning journalist with 30 years of experience in a wide range of sectors: specifically Architecture and Design, Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle, Media, Travel.

Sarah has global expertise and a wide network of contacts in these areas and, together with the SM&P team, brings creative, intelligent thinking to any project, delivering efficient service.

Just as Editors are curators of their brand, so Sarah Miller and Partners will help curate yours. We develop brand strategy and create content across multiple platforms – from web tv and digital to print – for some of the leading brands in the world as well as working with more specialised clients.

We answer the needs of your consumers and get to know their habits in intimate detail. We combine relevant market intelligence, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge with an ‘editorial’ approach to enhancing experiences whether that’s the interior design of a new hotel, a series of talks on food or developing a customer journey.

We can also work with commercial partners in range of different partnerships from sponsorship to PR and marketing. We organize events – from awards to fairs – and create all manner of collaborations between commerce and content.

We don’t do things by format. In fact the only format is consistently re-inventing the way we work on a client-by-client basis.

It’s a definite compliment when clients say it’s hard to pigeon hole what we do because, like Editors, we do any number of things – we plan, manage and strategise; broker commercial partnerships; raise sponsorship; headhunt and network; organise events, predict trends and solve problems.

The agency that thinks like a magazine is good at editing your world.

  • Strategic conceptual development
  • Physical design development
  • Editorial development & content delivery (multiple platforms)
  • Partnerships (Design, Architecture, Fashion, Publishing, PR)
  • Headhunting, networking, matchmaking




To give an idea of our range:

  • Brand strategies for clubs, hotels and department stores
  • Cultural programming and tours for hotel groups, retailers and travel agencies
  • Digital strategies for a wide range of clients from art galleries to hotels
  • Editorial content for a variety of websites from financial to travel
  • Headhunting and collaborations with PR and Marketing firms
  • Interior design and customer journeys
  • Launches from magazines to new building projects
  • Luxury events for lifestyle companies
  • Web TV for brands as diverse as fashion houses and property firms